Multi-Mission Access

DHuS SW Add-on is a plug-in component dedicated to the management of heterogneous set of data (e.g. EO data, maps, etc.). It implements the following Data Transformations:
- Metadata Extraction;
- Indexing attributes generation;
- Preview/Thumbnail preparation;
- Basic products Transformation

The Data Transformation is a critical service dedicated to apply transformations, usually extractions, and to store the results in the DHuS Databases. Upon reception of a product, the Data Transformation service resolves the data type according the current Data Definition (through DRB API and its Cortex extension) and fetches the associated transformation specifications. These transformations are then applied only if their definitions are compatible with a fast processing and with storage in a Database.
The Data Request Broker – DRB API® is an Open-Source Java application programming interface for reading, writing and processing heterogeneous data. DRB API® is a software abstraction layer that helps developers in programming applications independently from the way data are encoded within files. Indeed, DRB API® is based on a unified data model that makes the handling of supported data formats much easier.
At the following link, an example of integrated DHuS software application managing Sentinels, COSMO-SkyMed, Pleiades and Landsat-8 products is available. See ADD-ON Development section for further details.