Intelligent Synchronizer mechanism                         

New synchronization features that allows to configure multiple Data Sources in the same synchronizer to automatically  choose the best one in terms of some defined parameters.

Synchronization Retry mechanism                           

DHuS keeps memory of the products whose synchronization failed and is able to automatically retry their retrieval according to defined rules.


Make DHuS able to report the performances of the synchronization process

Metrics  available globally for the DHuS or aggregated by Data Source, Synchronizer, Product Type, etc.

Metrics exposed on OData v4

Metrics collected can be persistent or stored in memory.


Security Updates                                                   

Updates of most of the critical DHuS  libraries to guarantee Security compliance and increase the system security level.

Synchronization mechanism update to improve process performances

Synchronizers will be enhanced to reduce the time spent in sending queries towards the data source to improve the overall synchronization mechanism.